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Consumer Reports is an American magazine first published in 1936 by the Consumers Union. The magazine is dedicated to consumer advocacy in a time when companies are flooding consumers with advertisements for their products. Consumer Reports is independent, free of advertisements, and operated as a non-profit organization. It features reviews and comparisons of popular products and services as well as advice on money, shopping, and consumer safety.

Consumer Reports is known mainly for its extensive reviews of products and services. Experts test products in the organizations massive in-house testing laboratory to ensure that they are safe and as-advertised. The magazine publishes reviews of cars, appliances, electronics, home and garden products, products for children, and much more. Consumer Reports is also known for its detailed comparisons of similar products. In one recent comparison an automobile expert performs extensive testing on cars that are advertised as gas-savers to see which cars can attain the miles per gallon that are promised.

Readers of Consumer Reports are treated to advice about money, shopping, and consumer safety. One recent article offers information about products that reduce the risk of diseases like West Nile while another provides tips for preventing tires from blowing out on hot summer roads. An article titled The penalty for speeding: A loss in fuel economy explores the effects of rapid driving on costs at the fuel pump.

A subscription to Consumer Reports makes a great gift for anyone who strives to be safe and economical about the products they buy. On our website, you can either order a new subscription for yourself or as a gift, or you can easily renew a subscription to Consumer Reports.

Overall Rating: 4.9 Stars based on 8 reviews
Review Title: Comsumer reports
Reviewed By: Chili

We love it and enjoy every issue.

Review Title: Dreama
Reviewed By: Careful consumer

My husband and I have valued the information we get in Consumers Report for many years. We check ratings they provide before most any purchase of any significance, even quite a few modest mobile 'phones, flashlights, laundry detergent etc. We would definitely recommend it for anyone's use.

Reviewed By: BIG DUDE

The people at Consumer Reports look scientifically and objectively at products and services. Their report express the facts and this helps the consumer to decide what is best for them to purchase. Since they apparently do not take any funds from the products or services they evaluate, CR is able to be honest and objective in their claims.

Review Title: Man about town
Reviewed By: Bob

best mag in the USA No doubt about It I send it to my family and friends for xmas every year. so There you are a real believer.

Review Title: HELPING HAND
Reviewed By: BOB


Review Title: Ratings
Reviewed By: JUDY

I have relied on Consumer Reports ratings when making any purchase of appliances, TV's, outdoor grills, vacuum cleaners, etc. and had no problems with any item purchased.

Review Title: Appreciated Information
Reviewed By: George

This is a publication that I have been receiving for many years. I read each issue from cover to cover and share the great information with family and friends as well.

Review Title: For all consumers
Reviewed By: Foxxy H

This is a fantastic publication. This magazine is totally unbiased and I trust it to give me reliable information on products that I want to buy. The extensive reviews of products are another great thing about the magazine. Overall I think its a smart purchase for all consumers.

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